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New Year's Day - 2017

On this first day of 2017, I've decided to enlarge the scope of the MadStyle TV Project.

Now Hosted on GitHub

After a rather ridiculous amount of procrastination, and a bit of prodding, I bit the bullet and migrated my source code repository from Subversion to git, now hosted on GitHub. With my entire revision history intact, which I'm stoked about.

XGL Demo Videos

Demos of XGL in action.
They are mostly H.264, and hosted either here or on YouTube.

Beta Testers

Your assistance is appreciated!  Please feel free to leave feedback regarding your experiences.  Early adopters will likely struggle a bit, so please help us to make it better for those who come after.  Please click on the "Beta Testers" header to go to the feedback page.

Introduction to XGL - A Framework for OpenGL and C++11

OpenGL has been around quite a long time.  It is currently the only 3D graphics that can claim ubiquitous support on the 3 major desktop platforms, as well as the 2 biggest mobile platforms.