The MadStyle TV Project exists to enhance the art of storytelling.  Deeply personal stories.  Stories of hope for the future.  Stories of triumph over adversity.  Stories of Love.

With a strong desire to tell a story comes a deep longing to offer something of value to the world.  Something which comes from the heart and speaks to the heart.

Humanity has been telling stories for a long time.  We love a good story, especially when it's told with style.  Sharing stories is uniquely human.

People are born with creativity.  All too often that creativity takes a back seat to "more practical matters", and something fundamentally important to happiness is lost. Telling a story is one of the easiest ways we can be creative individually.

This is project is a result of my insatiable desire to be creative.  It doesn't matter to me if it meets with anyone's approval.  What matters to me is letting my light shine in full brilliance, according to my standards.

Many of my skydiving friends have told me that I've been a mentor to them.  Enough so that I have to acknowledge the truth of that, despite my introvert nature.  I truly enjoy seeing someone learn something new, the very moment that it clicks for them.  You can see it in their eyes, in their whole being.  They begin to radiate joy that shines brightly to those who have eyes to see.  It is deeply satisfying, and it's a gift that I am grateful for.  And the world desperately needs more of those moments. 

So part of this project is me embracing my mentorship, and expanding from skydiving to other areas of my life where I think I have something to offer.  Software development is such an area, and it is my intent to share my journey of creating the tools I want for video production, because producing videos is also a passion of mine, getting back to the whole storytelling theme.

It is with deepest gratitude for the gifts I have been given that I make this project my passion and my expression.  The stories I've heard, the stories I've told, the ones yet to be shared bring me great joy. It is my hope that you will enjoy something that you find here.

-Evan Mortimore