New Year's Day - 2017

On this first day of 2017, I've decided to enlarge the scope of the MadStyle TV Project.

I've already changed the text of the home page to reflect the new intention.  This change was brought on by a couple of things. 

Originally I was planning on this web site being mostly about the software portion of the project, and have been proceeding merrily along that path since July of 2016.

But.. a few days ago I migrated my source code repository to GitHub, and the facilities there for hosting an open-source software project are FAR superior to anything I could ever hope to provide on my own.  I was initially resistent to doing that migration, but once I did I realized that I'm NEVER going back to Subversion.  I make it a point to be a living, breathing example that an old dog can learn new tricks, and this is just another example of what being willing to let go of the comfortable for the possibility of the superior can bring.

The second thing that has prompted the change to the larger mission statement, is a video that my good friend Omar Alhegelan posted on facebook.  As has happened with him many times over 2 decades, his words inspired me.  That inspiration has crystallized in my mind the bigger picture of the project.  It's something that I've been carrying around with me for a LONG time, and now it's time to put it out there.